How Content Creators Can Make Money from Metaverse

In recent times, the conventional 9-5 mode of working or employment opportunity is not the only way in which money can be made. Technology has taken over the world, and its accompanying innovation has been embraced by humans. It is the year 2022, and remote working seems to be the new normal, even skills like art, writing have delved into the space and created more opportunities for those with like interests.

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Also, it is now common to hear buzzwords, concepts, and innovations like Metaverse, NFT and wonder what they mean and if it is possible to obtain opportunities or make money from them. It has been said that technology is the new oil in Nigeria, so, this write-up would provide in concise and easy terms how money can be made by content creators on one of these technological innovations- Metaverse.

Metaverse is a digital platform that enables users to shop, socialize, market, and play in a virtual place. This virtual place is however created by different platforms, brands, and individuals. Anyone can create their metaverse platform based on their select consumers and their needs. For instance, the popular social platform Facebook has created its metaverse known as ‘Horizon Workspaces’ that allows colleagues to connect and team up virtually as personalized avatars. Interestingly, this social platform also teamed up with RayBan which allows one to record, make videos and even listen to music.

How Content Creators Can Make Money from Metaverse

Amazed by the several features and possibilities in this world of metaverse? Here is how money can be made as a content creator on this platform.

1. Creating and Curation of NFTs

Persons who are naturally gifted or have learned the skill of art and painting can explore opportunities and make money on Metaverse. Nowadays, being an artist that creates content using canvas and paint, has provided one the opportunity to advertise and sell artworks not only to physical customers or in a physical space.

With the current trend of NFT, simply known as non-fungible tokens which allows one to own the originality and authenticity of a given piece like art, paintings, and others, artists are provided with larger platforms, higher customer rates, and target market. So, the metaverse is that platform that would help an artist convert some or all his artworks into an NFT and sell them on digital marketplaces.

Even for those who may not have the skill of art creation, but have interests in curating artworks, there is an opportunity for them. They can become an art broker, provide advisory services, or create a digital NFT art gallery and advertise artwork of others on this platform for a commission or cut.

2. Sale of 3D Animations and Virtual Merchandise

The Metaverse platform has provided content creators with the opportunity to make use of their horizon marketplace to sell and share digital items in 3D. Also, animation creators can sell their works to be used as avatars or be displayed in virtual workspaces.

Creators like this are also allowed to attend virtual reality events like live concerts, debates, political talks where they can advertise and pitch their work and creations for sale.

3. Research Writing

The ever-growing digital platforms and ecosystems are a new space in which people, brands, and investors are still testing waters. So, persons who have the skill of writing and are capable of undertaking in-depth research can be employed by brands, institutions, and platforms to survey, analyze, and give a report on the pros and cons of delving into the metaverse. Also, in simpler terms, writers can provide services on laws, regulatory compliance that must be adhered to by brands looking to delve into this space. They may also analyze and identify probable risks that a brand might face on this platform and how well to manage or eliminate them.

How Content Creators Can Make Money from Metaverse

4. Advertising Agent

With the present rush of companies trying to establish their presence on metaverse as an advertising platform, creators would get professional gigs from these brands to advertise and market on this space. Also, creators can monetize their influencing skill on metaverse by collaborating with other influencers to advertise products and services on the virtual malls established by these companies on Metaverse.

5. Virtual Assistants/Labour

For the continuous development of metaverse, there would be the need for services to make this platform up and running. Whether to a corporation like Meta, Facebook, freelancer, a content creator can provide graphic and fashion designs services, assist in managing a brand’s virtual community, aid in recruiting, and other probable services that require execution of skills in exchange for a fee. So, are you a graphic designer or have any other skills? It is important to hone these skills to suit the standard requirements that these brands looking to launch on metaverse.

6. Gaming

Games are one of the highest activities done in metaverse-like platforms like Roblox and Fortnite. Normally, users that engage in this act can store and trade in-game assets and even convert them into real-world value. So, if a person has a known skillset for creating games or software that aids gaming, this could be brought to the metaverse platform for people to play games in return for a fee or payment plan.

All these opportunities in metaverse provide content creators with the means to generate income expand day by day. What is however important is to know how to hone your skills, identify the area or platform one can provide services on metaverse, and receive financial interests in return.

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