Five Recommended Apps for Content Creators

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As a content creator, what are your favourite apps? What tools do you use to make your work easier?

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Here are my top 5

1. WriterPlus

As a writer, nothing is more helpful and valuable than a lightweight notepad to help you jot down contents and ideas as they come. This app is like your traditional office suite but much lighter. You can create folders for your notes, categorize them, create lists, bold words and all the fancy tricks a writer should develop. I don’t go a day without drafting one or two ideas here. And you know the best part, if you get a new phone, you can seamlessly move your texts and notes without having to lose important stuff.

2. Google Documents

If you have to navigate between a laptop and a mobile phone most of the time, then google document should be your go-to tool. With it, you can work on your phone and complete from where you stopped on your PC and vice versa. With it, you can create office documents, prepare articles and contents with its wide variety of functions. Do well to check it out.

3. Google Trends

Do you shuttle between Instablog, Gistlover and Tundeenut to get your latest news? Or you struggle to find trending topics to write about. You don’t have to write about tear rubber couples when we have moved on to Maria and Cubana Chief Priest gist. With Google trends, you can look up the trending topics and words in your niche. You can even break it down to find the state where it is trending and other statistics.

4. Think with Google

Are you suffering from writer’s block and do you need ideas? This isn’t something to be worried about, as it affects even the best of us. This is a fantastic tool to help you curate content, especially if you’re a creative writer like me. All you need to do is go to the webpage, type in the topic you want to research on, and you will get several articles and research materials related to that topic to help you.

5. Zikoko Meme Bank

I know there are no shortages of memes available on Facebook. Not with the way humorists, meme creators and others drop content on a daily basis. What about when you need a meme that fits directly for content. Now I understand when you’re doing it for fun, you get memes then create content that fits them. Now take it the other way round, you have keywords to work with but you do not have memes that might suit you. This is where Zikoko helps you. With their meme bank, you can simply go there, type a keyword and you’d see hundreds of memes. All you need to do is pick your preference.

There are so many other tools I use on a regular basis that help me stay fresh with ideas and content on a daily basis, but these are some of the very best. Do you have your favourite? List them in the comment section.


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Akpofure Shedrack

Tech Enthusiast, creative writer, marketing Strategist, Editorial head Lovablevibes International, Lead Content Creator/Creative Strategist - TinkaSave Nigeria and Content Contributor, Psifon.Org

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