Facebook Organic Marketing Strategy: Selling Online and Building Audience

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Whether you’re a content creator or a business person, and you share content and posts on Facebook, there are a few things you should note about Facebook Organic Marketing Strategy, especially if you’re aiming to either sell or build an audience.

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Do your research

If you sell products, understand the kind of audience that needs you and your products and key on it. While you’re at it, define a target area. You cannot be in Ogbomosho and be marketing for someone in Awka.

Try as you may to focus on a particular area and sound it. That way, people around you can connect with you. I understand you want to sell, but you should consider your products and other factors. Be realistic and ask yourself, if I were the one, would I pay waybill for #3000 for an item that’s #2000 or lesser?

Understanding your audience demographics is key. A friend told me she doesn’t sell on Facebook despite having really nice products. I went through her timeline and all she had was a certain category of people that do not need her products.

You’re selling waist trainers and products for “thick” people, and the majority of your timeline is filled with undergraduates and jambites? People that school stress would not even allow to add weight. You’re not serious. Better go and be adding married people. Join groups of advanced women. Join groups of business people.

Those are your target audience. Your customers are not in a group filled with teenagers. Putting the group name on your bio and adding a thousand people from there would not get you prospects or leads. Know your audience.

Speak the right language

If you want people to see you as an elite and for elite people to patronize you, then you have to speak the right language. You cannot be typing with silly abbreviations or using a condescending tone to address people. This will negatively affect your Facebook organic marketing strategy.

Some might ignore it but trust me, many would not move from prospect to buyers. If I chat you up, and you respond flippantly with words like kk, yup, ttyl or the likes, sorry, you’ve lost me.

If you’re a content creator, and you intend to attract a particular group of people, especially if it’s not teenagers, who can’t afford to hire you to write for them or even pay for your writing services, then you should mind your written language. Posting distasteful memes or humor would only chase your potential clients away.

I discreetly referred someone to my TL for a social media management gig two weeks back, but my guy that needed his services outrightly told me the guy is good but not a good fit. He said he wrote lewd and gutter language. You cannot be looking to attract brands to yourself when you still post with unfashionable language.

Learn to speak the right language.

Always add a call to action (CTA)

At the end of each post, there should be something for the readers to do. Never make posts without including a CTA. Always include things that would prompt your reader to action. If you do not do this, many would read and pass without engaging, even if they found the post worthy.

Your CTA can come in different forms and manners. Are you directing them to call you about the bag you posted? Or asking for their review about the new stock of shoes you posted? Are you sending them to your WhatsApp or inviting them into your DM? Those are all CTAs. Even, it could be just for them to like, comment and share the post. But make sure to include an actionable event under your posts.

Do not just post a picture of a bag with your phone number at the bottom, this isn’t a good Facebook Organic Marketing Strategy. What do you want me to do with it? Tell me something. You can instead write, I have these fine bags going for a giveaway price. Call me to get yours. That is an actionable sentence. You’re forcing me to take notice. And if I fancy that bag, I will surely want to call you straight up.

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