Understanding the Contrast and Relationship Between Content Creation and Content Curation

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Some time ago, an influencer on this space made a statement. The person alluded that everyone on Facebook is a content creator as long as they make posts on their wall.

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Well technically, she might be correct, but in the actual sense, she’s wrong.

It is just as stating that every Nigerian is a comedian, as we all have humour in us and at one point or the other we have cracked jokes.

Content creation goes beyond just making vague posts. Today, on Facebook, everyone either has the tag content creator on their bio or influencers.

Content creation means topics and ideas that appeal to your buyer persona. Those content could either be written or visual.

Specifically, the purpose of content creation is to inform, educate and entertain your audience. And in doing that, they should have a target. What is this content meant to do? Generate engagement? Increase sales or create awareness?

That brings me to content curation. In my post earlier on plagiarism, UduakobongĀ  Dickson made a comment that most people do not know what content curating or content curation is.

As such, when people twist your original ideas to form theirs, some would assume it is content curation. It is not. Content curation is the process of building and developing content.

The 3 defined stages of content curation

1. Find

This is the stage where you find contents that could be relevant to your audience. On my wall, I made mention of several tools, websites that I use in finding content. Both for research purposes and to get things to write about. Part of this too is casually scrolling through Facebook, engaging posts, reading comments and studying trending topics of discussions. It is from here I identify what to write about. This way my content calendar is usually flexible to accommodate new findings.

2. Curate

When you’ve found your contents. Certainly, you think the next step is to post. If you’ve not yet found a target audience, this stage is the stage where you identify the most relevant content that best resonates with your audience. If your audience is filled with teenagers, chances are that they’d better like memes, humour. If you can find a way to creatively educate them and market opportunities to them, then you’d be a crowd favourite.

3. Share

When you’ve identified your content and defined which best suits your audience, you need to share your content with your audience. Doing this also requires skill. There is a nitty-gritty of sharing posts on social media. People like Temilade Alonge, seasoned and experienced social media managers, would tell you all about that. There are best times to post contents that would give you maximum engagements.

If your audience is filled with working-class people or business people, you’d know first hand that the best times to post are usually in the morning, past noon and night. Anything else, and you’d get low engagements, as they are usually too busy to be on Facebook.

Also, you need to identify which platform is best to share your content. If you deal mostly with pictures, Instagram is your best bet. If you deal with videos, you don’t need to be told that TikTok, YouTube and Instagram are your best platforms. If you’re a writer, stick to Facebook, medium and LinkedIn.

If you create memes and write short witty puns, you should be on Twitter. This I believe is the ABC to content creation and content curation. If there’s anything to add, use the comment section.


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Akpofure Shedrack

Tech Enthusiast, creative writer, marketing Strategist, Editorial head Lovablevibes International, Lead Content Creator/Creative Strategist - TinkaSave Nigeria and Content Contributor, Psifon.Org

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