Basic Tools Every Online Vendor Should Find Useful

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1. Zarla

As a vendor and business person interested in taking your business to the next level, the first thing you should do is get a business logo. I don’t mean those poorly done ones you pay people 1k to do for you. Those Mockups that look like neo signs mounted on walls. A proper logo that defines your brand and helps it stand out. With Zarla, you can create beautiful and simple logos for your brand – for FREE. Visit their website to try it out.

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2. Canva

If you do not know about Canva as a business person trading on the internet, then you have been sleeping. With Canva you can design free and custom made flyers for your products. You simply do not have money to pay graphics designers every now and then. The good thing is, there are thousands of templates to choose from for free.

3. Salesforce

How often do you go back to check your customer data? Do you know which area your best sales are coming from, what percentage of customers always buy more, or even where your referrals come from? Salesforce will help you put all of them together. You can see how many new customers you’ve added in a certain period. With Salesforce, you can view contacts by specific data points such as region or type of product they bought. That way, you’ll know who to target with follow-up messages for referrals or repeat business. It is mostly paid but there’s a trial period and with the trick i can show you, you do not need to pay a dime to use it.

4. Genius Scan

Do you buy goods and then you cannot even properly organize your invoices? How about your waybills? With the Genius Scan app, you simply take a photo of a document and it’s instantly converted into a JPEG or multi-page PDF file. Genius Scan’s scanning technology helps you avoid snapping receipts in an untidy manner, removes unwanted backgrounds, and corrects for perspective, meaning that you don’t have to take a perfect picture to make a perfect copy. You can download it and use it for free on both Playstore and the Appstore.

5. Evernote

How often do you need to jot things down as a business person and you cannot find where you kept the paper again? Or that number you need to quickly take down or the calculation you did early that day. Sometimes it can be messy keeping track of all those many little texts. Some of us even go as far as blocking our excesses and using their WhatsApp DM as our notepad. Like me now, my last girlfriend, it’s her WhatsApp DMI use for shopping lists sometimes. With Evernote, you never have to lose any of those again. Get all your schedules, notes and all organized in one place. You can even use it as your daily planner to plan your day, organize your content schedule and remember your deliveries, meetings and others. You can download and use it for free on both Google Appstore and the iOS Store. If you need the Pro version, let me know I’d give it out for free.


The reason you are not attracting customers might be your jaga-jaga posts you make on Facebook everyday. What exactly is “I sell shoes oooo come and buy”? Even myself, I’m not a perfect writer. This is why this website is a perfect tool for you. With this you can write beautiful sales copy for your business in seconds. Do you need to make an ad post? Or perhaps you want to draft a story to promote your Okpa and you don’t know the right words to use or you cannot even string words together? Use this tool. Some vendors even do not write anything. They just post pictures of bags and prices. Dazzol. Hanty be calming down. With writing your business posts would be easy for you. Just write anything, paste it there and they will help you refine it beautifully. Even give you several options to choose from. It is a paid service but they have a 1 week free trial. With my free hack, you can use it for as long as you want without paying a dime. Ask me how?


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