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5 reasons why you do not make sales on Facebook

No offence but there are a lot of vendors in this space people would not buy from. Not because they are not genuine or that they are scammers but by my perception, they look like they, yes – Scammers.

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I have listed out 5 things you should/shouldn’t do to avoid being tagged ‘Scammer’ or more politely being told, I’d get back to you. Some even go as far as insisting on pay on delivery if they are to buy from you.

1. Your pictures are deceptive 

Those pictures of clothes with mercy Aigbe, Genevieve and other celebrities, stop using them please! Not only do you use them, they are blurry, so it feels you lifted the pictures off the internet to scam people. Get organic pictures. If you’re taking pictures of your products, try as you may to get professional shots if you have poor photography skills or your camera is not so good. As it is often said, a good picture is worth a thousand words.

2. Your delivery range sounds unrealistic

I know you want to sell and just like everyone is doing, you claim to deliver nationwide. But to be honest, have you thought about it from a customer’s angle? Would you pay waybill of N1500 for something that costs no more than N2000? Especially when the product is something that can be gotten easily. In my last post on design thinking, I talked briefly about using empathy in solving some customer problems. If you can put yourself in the customer’s shoes, you’d most likely not, understand why it would be difficult to buy from you. Like Ifeoma would always say in all of her posts, ‘I send to Asaba and nearby towns’. Not all products can be waybilled across the globe. You cannot be in Enugu and want to sell roll-on for someone in Damaturu. O wrong nau! State your location on your timeline so the audience around that place and nearby can reach out to you.

3. Avoid Facebook Drags

What you do not know is that most times, you have already impressed upon the minds of your sales lead, that you are a toxic person. When a drag happens, you are everywhere on comment sections making vile comments, gleefully jumping on the drag train. Who would buy from you with that attitude of yours? You’re known as the drag queen and king of facebook. Always quick to make callout posts. My dear, we’re all scared of you, please. We do not want to do business with a lioness. If you are intending to sell on facebook, by all means avoid sensitive topics. It is not everything you would open your mouth waaah and give your opinion. You would scare a lot of your prospective customers away.

4. You are too forward with leads

I am in your inbox asking for details about a product you posted and even without my conviction, you have already sent me your account details for me to make payments. Wait! Hollup. You wan steal my money? Do not be too forward in discussing with prospects, always let their mind guide them. When you’re too pushy, you would inevitably get the, ‘I will call you back’, and ‘let me get back to you’ statements. 

5. You are faceless, have no physical location 

Why does your profile look like a spam and troll account? No profile picture, no personal details about you. Worse still, no physical address or even a city. So what are you? A Bot?  Your brand should be tied to a person. Let us relate with you as an individual. We all know Aliko Dangote is the owner of Dangote groups. So why does your business not have a face attached to it? 

Additionally, your account does not show recent activities. Some of you restrict your account to non-friends so we do not see your recent posts except we’re on your list. Some even change the audience of their post from public to friends. I thought you’re a public person and open to sales. Is there something you’re hiding? Your last post was July. This is November. All of these things make you appear like a scam to your potential customers and if you must sell, you need to address them.

Wishing you all a fruitful week!

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