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5 Content Ideas for Facebook Vendors and Aspiring Organic Social Media Marketers

Almost every day on Facebook, you hear people mention the word content. But what do you know, like Zara, ‘na your business concern you’.

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If it’s not your market you’re hawking on the street of Facebook, then it is not your business. So every day, you make posts about your bags, shoes, clothes, even your Aju Mbaise.

But do you know you could spice it up? Do you know that your business post with 0 likes and comments could actually get engagements?

Well, here are 5 content ideas you could utilize. This could serve as your mini content guide.

1. A day in the life post

Your audience does not relate to you. They do not even know you. One way to make them appreciate the efforts you put in getting them those beautiful products is by showing them exactly how you do it. Ifeoma, a food vendor in Asaba, does this. Weekly, she shares stories of how she goes to the market to get items for cake or ingredients for food. Spiced with humor, she leads her audience on and gets them to realize that, yes, stress truly follow for this business. She makes them feel the increasing cost of food items daily. So when next she tells you a bowl of Onugbu soup now costs N8000, you won’t even complain.

2. Fill-in-the-blank posts

One way to get your audience attracted to you is making them guide you on what they want. With posts that require their input, you can get them talking. If you’re a shoe seller, ask them what kind of shoes they would wear to an all-girls party, or between sneakers and high heels, which is more comfortable for them. Customers want their voices heard.

3. Recommend a free tool

Nigerians like Awoof (free things). That is a known fact. One way to get your audience glued to your wall is by offering them simple DIY tips and tools. If you’re a food vendor, you could give them tips on how to preserve food products for a long time. Personally, I do not know how weevils manage to enter my modu of beans each time I buy and store. After two weeks of keeping them and I already have those insects disturbing me. If a vendor gives me that advice, the vendor and I = Marriage.

Share a comic or meme

One very sure way of getting people sticking to your wall and buying from you is memes and humour marketing. If you get this right, you’ve solved a large percentage of your content issues. People come to social media for relief, entertainment and learning. Do you see trends pass you by, and you don’t utilize them? You’re missing out, really. How can you be a mobile data seller, and you do not use memes to sell this period of gbas gbos. Is it not data people will use to follow gist on the blue street (Facebook)?

Share a product review/Ask for reviews or testimonials

People want to see that others are enjoying your products and services. Reviews are never cliché. They are always needed. If you want people to pay attention, post your product reviews. Hype yourself. Make posts where people that have patronized you before will comment and talk about how they related to you.

Bonus tip

Do a post series and weekly round-up – If you notice that your audience relates more with a particular type of content, stick to it. In a week, if you had a high engagement with certain posts, revisit them. Reply to comments on those posts. Share them again. This way you keep the audience entertained with their favourite content.

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