The Africa Soft Power Summit—the premier convening for Africa’s creatives

Attend The Africa Soft Power Summit
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The Africa Soft Power Summit represents the premier event for Africa’s creative and tech industries, as well as women’s leadership, attracting speakers and delegates from across the continent and around the world. The environment provides a fresh take on the traditional conference format, with breakout sessions, social events, roundtables and workshops, and plenty of scope for more networking along the way.

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Attend The Africa Soft Power Summit

The session will focus on these key intersecting themes:

Women’s leadership: Hitting the reset button on gender and reframing African women’s leadership as a key strength in tackling global challenges

Creative power & modern economics: From the continent to the diaspora – why it’s imperative to leverage African creativity today to fuel the global creative, digital, and knowledge economies of tomorrow

Celebrating modern African and diaspora voices within the global discourse, and retelling the African story on the world stage

These three themes will in-turn provide the foundations for three days of convenings, each offering a unique take on African soft power, and how it can be better leveraged to propel the continent forward.

Attend The Africa Soft Power Summit

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