Your Role in Sustainable Fashion: Sustainable Practices Across the Fashion Ecosystem

Explore how your interactions within the fashion industry’s global ecosystems can help promote sustainable growth.

Expand your understanding of sustainable fashion practices

Your Role in Sustainable Fashion examines the interconnectedness of garments, people, and the environment. It explores how different components of the fashion industry are linked together in often complex relationships, and we must look at each part to fully understand their impacts on a global scale.

On this three-week course, you’ll broaden your understanding of sustainable practices and how they impact the fashion industry.

You’ll also start to think about steps to take as a fashion wearer to create more sustainable fashion ecologies.

Explore fashion’s impact on environmental and social justice

Throughout the course, you’ll consider your relationship with fashion and your personal mindsets and practices within fashion ecology.

You’ll learn to define a fashion ecosystem on a personal and local level before examining ecosystems on a global scale to explore social and environmental justice.

Discover how personal actions affect global fashion

The final week will tie in how personal mindsets interact with the global fashion ecosystem as you’ll be encouraged to create a value-driven action plan.

You’ll understand how personal actions intersect with different types of fashion ecosystems before discussing the future of fashion.

Learn from an industry expert at Parsons School of Design

You’ll be guided by industry specialists from Parsons School of Design – the number one design school in the U.S.

You’ll finish the course with a deep understanding of fashion ecosystems and the role you can play in developing a sustainable industry.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone interested in sustainability and fashion.

It will be particularly useful if you want to learn more about the social, environmental, and economic impacts of fashion.

Your Role in Sustainable Fashion: Sustainable Practices Across the Fashion Ecosystem

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