Writing and Editing: Structure and Organisation

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Become a skilled architect of written communication, whether you’re putting together a major project or sending a text message.

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Develop your writing skills to include impactful text layout and flow

This is the second course in the Good with Words: Writing and Editing series from Michigan University, and directly follows the Word Choice and Word Order course.

In this four-week course, you’ll learn the importance of text structure and organising your written words to deliver effective results.

Whether you’re a lawyer, student, or simply looking to hone your writing skills, this course will help you develop your style for any written communication, including legal.

Generate and organise content with text structure

Over the duration of this course, you’ll see how the structure you put into your writing can influence the message your work delivers.

By placing corresponding ideas in corresponding forms, you’ll learn to generate questions, ideas, and ultimately more high-quality content.

Create structures that maximise the impact of your writing

You’ll also learn to refine sentence flow, sentence structure, and paragraphing during your writing process, to maximise the impact of your finished work.

Through exploring text structures, you’ll master both showing and telling your readers what you want them to know. Importantly, you’ll also be able to balance these approaches well.

Be guided and supported as you learn more about the writing process

With the University of Michigan providing a solid academic structure and a specialist lead education, you’ll have all the guidance and support you need to grow your writing skills and reach your full potential.

What topics will you cover?

During this course, you’ll look at:

  • Sentence flow and structure
  • Corresponding ideas in the corresponding form: how structure can be used to generate content
  • Showing and telling when you write
  • Paragraphing

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone interested in exploring the writing process to develop their written communication skills. Lawyers and law students will find it especially valuable.

Writing and Editing: Structure and Organisation

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