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Let’s talk a bit about the Edtech startup, Future Syllabus.

This platform helps youths, individuals, students, creators, and freelancers, to build up their skills and get up-to-date relevant information and courses, all for FREE!

And that’s not even all.

The most interesting and best part of this platform is, that they educate their users by sharing daily content through email, social media and even WhatsApp!

That way, you don’t miss out on anything. That’s information delivered straight to your laps.

And now, they’ve launched an even more exciting feature.

Most people take lots of courses these days. Some just for the fun of it. But very few actually practice and implement the knowledge.

And that’s where comes in.

With the new test feature, you can actually get to try out your knowledge by answering a series of questions real-time and seeing how you measure up.

It’s a fantastic way to build your knowledge.

See why I love them? They don’t just give you FREE courses. They make sure the knowledge sticks to you!

Future Syllabus ticks all of those boxes.

So what are you waiting for? Go take a test and see how you measure up!

The tests can be taken for different fields and niches, so be sure to find your area of interest and if you can’t find yours, just stick around for more.

Take tests!


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DISCLAIMER: Courses on Future Syllabus are free but subject to return to their original prices on host platforms upon coupon expiration. Enrol while they are free.

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