UX Design Fundamentals: Business Value Through User Experience (UX) Design

Learn the fundamental UX skills, principles and other essentials required to kickstart your career as a digital UX designer.

Explore the fundamentals of the UX design process

The world is moving online faster than ever, and a range of socio-technical and global factors have accelerated the shift to digital first for a range of economic, social and even political functions.

User experience (UX) designers have never been so in demand – yet there remains a significant shortage of qualified UX designers in countries including the UK, US and Australia.

As web, mobile and other digital products become ever more important to a company’s success, discover how you can make your mark in the field of UX design.

This self-paced UX design course will teach you everything you need to know to get started as a digital designer.

Learn to understand the UX principles of design

This course will teach you the basics of UX design philosophy that all good digital designers follow. You’ll find out how to minimise a user’s ‘cognitive load’ (or effort exerted during a task) and decision-making time – and why users will stop looking at a website or digital product if it takes up too much of their time.

You’ll explore key principles such as hierarchy and information architecture, and find out how to put the user at the front of every design decision you make.

Discover the difference between UI and UX

On this course, you’ll learn the key difference between UX and UI design. As more and more UX designers are required to display UI (user interface) design expertise, it’s vital to understand UX vs UI.

User interface design is visual design (the look, feel and personality of a product) plus interaction design (how a user interacts with it) – the micro elements. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how the ‘micro’ elements of UI exist within the big-picture ‘macro’ world of UX.

What topics will you cover?

  • Introduction to UX Design
  • Foundations of UX Design and design thinking
  • Inspiration and planning for a design challenge
  • Conducting field research

Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for developing theoretical and practical expertise in UX design.

You may be an entry-level or intermediate graphic or digital designer, a non-technical digital team leader or an aspiring product manager.

UX Design Fundamentals: Business Value Through User Experience (UX) Design

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