Transport Policy for Clean Air

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Delve into cleaner modes of transport to discover how transport policy affects air quality, citizen health, and liveability.

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Learn how transport planning can contribute to population health

How we plan the transport in our cities can affect preventable health risks, including our exposure to air pollution.

Reducing congestion, one of the major contributors to poor air quality, and designing efficient transport systems to support growing populations remains a pressing issue for many city leaders.

On this three-week course, you’ll discover how a focus on cleaner transport can improve population health and urban liveability. By the end, you’ll understand the best practices for implementing transport policy for healthier changes.

Delve into low-car urbanism

You’ll explore the different approaches that can help reduce car use in urban areas as you uncover what makes an effective city for cycling, walking, and using public transport.

From influencing user behaviour to exploring mobility environments, you’ll discover how cities can be transformed into a place of low-car urbanism.

Understand the benefits of electric vehicles and shared mobility

You’ll delve into the use of cleaner modes of transport such as electric vehicles, shared mobility, and freight.

You’ll also be exposed to new design tools such as health impact assessments. With these tools, you can show how population health can be improved with transport, with the change in air pollution exposure measured and assessed for impact.

Learn the fundamentals of transport policy from the experts at RMIT University

Finally, you explore the best practices for implementing transport policy to understand how positive change can happen.

With the guidance of the specialists at RMIT University and through the exploration of case studies, you’ll finish the course with the knowledge of how transport policy can help improve air quality and in turn, the health of the population.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for those working in urban mobility and sustainable urban development, or those interested in working in these fields.

Transport Policy for Clean Air

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