Writing and Editing: The Concept of Drafting

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This course on the concept of drafting will give you a number of strategies to help with what is often the most intimidating, even paralyzing part of the writing process: getting started.

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About this Course

You’ll learn about the concept of drafting, the “planning fallacy” and “temptation bundling.” You’ll get a chance to experiment with “freewriting” and “writing before you are ready.” And you’ll continue to benefit, through our ongoing “Good Sentences” and “Takeaways” segments, from the models and advice of a diverse set of writers. Other courses that can also help guide you is “Word Choice and Word Order

You will also get access to a wide range of books and other resources you can use even after you finish the course. These include: (1) the readings and exercises provided to the students who have taken the in-person version of this course at the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago; (2) two digital libraries of excellent writing from a diverse collection of journalists, scientists, novelists, poets, historians, and entrepreneurs; and (3) a monthly “Good Sentences” email.

What Will You Learn

  • Understand and reflect on the cost of perfectionism in writing
  • Conduct a “pre-mortem” before starting a writing draft
  • Identify summaries and scenes
  • Apply the “nothing else” and “need to know” principles

Skills You Will Gain

  • Persuasion
  • Creativity
  • Writing
  • Time management
  • Editing


3 hours to complete

The Concept of Drafting: The Fantasy of the Uninitiated
In this first week, we will focus on the cost of perfectionism.

8 videos (Total 19 min), 13 readings, 7 quizzes

4 hours to complete

The Concept of Drafting: The Planning Fallacy
This week, we’ll focus on “the planning fallacy” and ways to make sure you hit your deadlines.

7 videos (Total 10 min), 16 readings, 6 quizzes

3 hours to complete

The Concept of Drafting: Write Before You Are Ready
This week, we will focus on how drafting and researching intertwine.

8 videos (Total 16 min), 10 readings, 9 quizzes

3 hours to complete

The Concept of Drafting: To Name is To Know and Remember
This week, we will focus on the benefits of naming things, especially when trying to improve skills like writing and editing.

5 videos (Total 9 min), 10 readings, 5 quizzes

Free Course on Writing and Editing: The Concept of Drafting

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