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How well do you know SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Use this free test to evaluate your skill. We highly recommend you to take this test.

  1. 10 questions in all, you need to score at least 80% to pass.
  2. Some questions have more than one correct answer. Feel free to choose more than one option.
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#1. Which of these are the primary elements of a SERP snippet?

Select all that apply:

The SERP snippet contains the page title (blue text), the page URL (green text), and content from the meta-description (dark grey text).

#2. Consumer interaction with a business through a website, app, social media, search, or online ad is called:

A digital touchpoint is any interaction with a consumer or potential customer through any digital means.

#3. Which of the following are ranking signals for a domain name?

These factors provide a search engine with the history and background of ownership.

#4. According to block-level analysis, which part of the page contains the most relevant links?

According to block-level analysis, the editorial space contains the most relevant links, as that is the space that contains the most unique content that is not repeated across the website

#5. Why do you use a Tree Test?

A tree test only tests the navigational structure for speed, success, and capability of locating specific information.

#6. A keyword-based domain name is essential to your business's success.

Marketing rather than a keyword-based domain name is more important.

#7. Which of the following are included in the SEO portion of a website audit?

Select all that apply:

The Persona walk-through is a usability test designed to evaluate the ease of a task-based objective.

#8. If you are a new business online and want to measure the reach and awareness of your new business, what would you measure?

When measuring reach or awareness, impressions and views are ”top funnel” actions.

#9. The value of a conversion or a goal in Google Analytics is set by:

The user sets all goal values and conversion values specific to the business.

#10. Some of the following options do not define a 'Bounce'. Identify them.

Select all that apply:

A Bounce is a visitor who views a single page and immediately leaves the website.




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Nice attempt. Do check the questions again for the errors you made and the explanations.

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