Future Learn (Online Courses)
Free Online Course on Effective Communication Skills for Engineers

Find out the tips and strategies of communicating effectively as an engineer through this course. Effective communications skills are vital in order to ...

Free Online Course on Quality in Construction

Understand the impact of poor quality and how to manage construction quality with this course for construction professionals. Learn how to foster a culture of ...

Free Online Course on Foundations of Science for Undergraduate Degrees

Develop the right skills for study and assessment in higher education while refreshing your core science knowledge. Give yourself an advantage for starting a ...

Free Online Course on Education Research That Matters: Ways of Researching

Discover research methods in education and how they can benefit the way you teach on this course, ideal for CPD. Learn about key education research methods ...

Free Online Introductory Course to Electric Vehicle Technology

In this free online course, learn the basic requirements for designing an electric vehicle effectively. This free online course on electric vehicle ...

Free Online Course on Teaching Biology: Inspiring Students with Plant Science

Learn how to keep your biology students engaged by teaching practical science with plants. This course is an ideal CPD for teachers. Support the biology ...

How Politics Works: From the Individual to an International Scale

How Politics Works: From the Individual to an International Scale - Prepare yourself for a degree in politics. Understand politics on an individual ...

Free Online Course – Get ready for a Masters in Data Science and AI

Get ready for a Masters in Data Science and AI: Identify whether you’re ready for a Master’s study, improve your data science skills, and get to grips with the ...

Understanding Politics

Understanding Politics: Equip yourself for further study with this introduction to politics. Gain an expert view of how politics works This ...

Dynamics 365: Customer Engagement for Sales Free Online Course

Learn how to increase customer loyalty and improve retention with customer relationship management in MS Dynamics 365. Delve into customer ...

Communicating across Cultures

Communicating across Cultures: Boost your intercultural communication skills and better understand how to behave in multicultural and multilingual situations. ...

Global Disability: Research and Evidence

Explore how to conduct and interpret findings from global disability research. Understand why and how to do research in the field of global disability ...

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