Effective Steps in Digital Footprint

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In this course, Effective Steps in Digital Footprint you will hear from a range of experts and you will have an opportunity to explore and reflect on your own online tracks and traces, to understand why your digital footprint is important.

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About this Course

If I Googled you, what would I find?

The course, Effective Steps in Digital Footprint will focus on the different dimensions of a digital footprint, including developing an effective online presence, managing your privacy, creating opportunities for networking, balancing, and managing professional and personal presences (e-professionalism). By the end of this course (MOOC) you should be equipped to ensure that your digital footprint works for you, whether you want to be more private online, or are looking to create a more effective and impactful presence.

As we move around the online world we leave tracks and traces of our activity all the time: social media accounts, tagged images, professional presences, scraps of text, but also many artifacts we don’t always realize we are leaving behind, or that others leave about us.

We will introduce you to some of the tools and approaches to effectively manage your online presence (or digital footprint).

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We hope you enjoy the course!

Skills You Will Gain

  • Digital Footprint in Effective Steps in Digital Footprint
  • E-Professional
  • Social Media
  • Privacy


3 hours to complete

Effective Steps in Digital Footprint: What makes an online presence effective?
In week 1 we provide information on how to engage with the course as well as our Twitter account, using #DFMOOC. This week, we will introduce you to the topic of Digital Footprint. There are a range of activities, videos, and resources for you to work through. By the end of week 1, you will have the opportunity to critically reflect on your own online presence and consider how you can make better-informed choices as well as set appropriate personal goals around your digital footprint.

8 videos (Total 37 min), 5 readings, 3 quizzes

3 hours to complete

Effective Steps in Digital Footprint: Why does your digital footprint matter?
This week, there is a range of experts who focus on why a digital footprint matters and how to create an effective online presence. The themes explored include data after death, privacy online, and managing your online data. The activity and quizzes will help you to consider your own online presence and what you might do to make it more effective and work for you!

15 videos (Total 69 min), 5 readings, 3 quizzes

3 hours to complete

Effective Steps in Digital Footprint: What does it mean to be an effective online professional?
This week, we examine the idea of a professional online presence and what this might mean for different people and professions. Understanding whether your personal and professional online presence should blur or be kept separate can be a challenge.

We will hear from experts in Business, Nursing, Science, Education, and a Careers Consultant. They will provide useful advice on what you can do to make your online presence more professional and potentially help you with finding a job, standing out from the crowd, complying with professional bodies’ guidelines, and much more.

The activities, including the quizzes and peer assessment, will help you to reflect on your own online presence. There will also be an opportunity to get advice from your peers and consider putting into action what you have learned during this course.

13 videos (Total 61 min), 6 readings, 1 quiz

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