Sales Enablement & Analytics

Learn how to use data, tools, and technology to drive productivity and set yourself apart as a sales leader.

Organizations today have an influx of data that when used effectively can derive actionable insights for both the sales organization and their clients. Today’s sales leaders need to systematically increase their sophistication in leveraging data, tools and domain expertise to provide customized insights, consulting and guidance to their strategic customers.

In this course, you will explore concepts covered in the previous courses within the Enterprise Sales professional certificate, but through the lens of the tools and technologies which enable data-driven decisions. Using the appropriate tools and technologies will permit sales representatives and managers to create value for their clients, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and the likelihood of long-term client retention.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Define tools that can be used to improve and optimize sales productivity
  • Consider a variety of different data sources which could be utilized to affect the creation of their sales strategy.
  • Develop communication that will foster the gathering of effective data which can be utilized to improve client relationships, increase sales, and streamline processes.
  • Review existing sales processes and identify pain points that can be improved by the use of technology
Sales Enablement & Analytics

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