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If you ever have the intention of starting a career as a Quality Manager, you should start with this Lean Management practice test. Lean management is a globally-recognized certification in quality management, providing best practices for optimizing end-to-end business processes in product development, manufacturing, operations, service, customer relations, and other such enterprise functions. In case you miss any questions, adequate explanations have been provided. We highly recommend you to take this test.

  1. 10 questions in all. There is no time constraint, so take your time. You need to score at least 80% to pass
  2. You can retake the test at any time. We recommend you share with friends too.
Improve Your Skills As A Manager

#1. Which one of these item is not a type of standard set of waste

Taxes are not one of the seven wastes. Taxes are regulatory obligation and could not be considered as waste

#2. What item listed below could be used as preconditions for Kanban.

Once we have workplace in order using 5S, it is easier to implement Kanban

#3. What type of waste is Creating extra reports that no one needs

Creating more than what is needed is over production type of waste

#4. What are the key metrics tracked in OEE

The key metrics tracked in OEE are Loading, Availability, Performance, Quality

#5. At which Lean maturity level you can expect Well Defined Process to Follow Lean Principles

Well defined process to follow Lean principles is usually in Lean maturity level 2. People can still start following this in earlier levels like 0, 1, or 2. But to fully qualify for level 3 and move ahead to level 4 this is a requirement.

#6. How would one calculate "Days in Inventory" metrics

Average Inventory is divided by an ratio of COGS per day

#7. How is First Pass Yield (FPY) Calculated

The First Pass Yield (FPY) is Calculated as FPY = (Defect-Free Output in First Pass) / (Total Input). Any defect fixed in subsequent pass is not counted here.

#8. What is Lean philosophy?

Lean philosophy is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste. While cost reduction is not the main focus on Lean, this approach helps in cost reduction as well.

#9. Just-In-Time Production methodology was introduced by?

Just-in-time manufacturing was a concept introduced by Ford

#10. Define "wrong use of metrics" type of waste

The definition of waste due to wrong use of Metrics is: Any Metrics that is incorrectly measured, incorrectly used, misinterpreted or mis-used is another type of waste called “wrong use of metrics”




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Improve Your Skills As A Manager

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