Public Health and Nursing: Feeling the Community’s Pulse

Analyse communities to understand the context and factors that impact on the health and wellbeing of your patients.

Learn how to assess what your community’s health needs are

The assessment of patients and clients lies at the heart of nursing practice. It involves identifying current and future health needs as a basis for the planning of therapeutic interventions.

On this course, you’ll have the chance to analyse the community in which you work in order to consider ways of responding to public health challenges.

Understand your health system and how it operates

You’ll explore what it means to assess the health needs of a community, and understand how a community health needs assessment can contribute to overall health performance.

Examining national and local health priorities, you’ll reflect upon what a community is, and how you can profile its health needs in order to intervene effectively.

Explore community profiling and health needs assessment requirements

Alongside nursing experts at Coventry University, you’ll identify epidemiological, comparative, and corporate approaches to a community health needs assessment, examining the merits of each.

You’ll also consider how a systematic approach can be used by nurses to contribute to a local health needs assessment, before reflecting on how you can bring all your learning together to help a community to become healthier.

This course is designed for experienced nurses wanting or needing to extend their understanding of how nurses can act as promoters of health.

Public Health and Nursing: Feeling the Community’s Pulse

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