Public Health and Nursing: Drive Public Health Promotion

Examine important aspects of public health, health promotion, and the role of modern nursing.

Reflect on the responsibility of a nurse in public health

Public health and the promotion of health and well-being is now at the centre of national and global agendas.

On this course, you’ll reflect on the value of nurses as promoters of health – a model for nursing first established by Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

Discover how to define ‘healthy’

You’ll identify what it means exactly to be ‘healthy’, before going on to define what globalisation is, and learn how it is impacting on healthcare.

You’ll identify why your nursing might need to change with the times, and describe what the future of public health looks like in practice.

Explore health promotion strategies and nursing ethics

In week two, you’ll go on to explore the concept of health promotion, understanding how nurses can act to empower individuals to lead healthier lives – just as Nightingale initiated nursing training and education programmes.

You’ll also consider the ethical dilemmas nurses can face when working in the field, and how to reconcile these with your work as social reformers and health campaigners.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for experienced nurses wanting or needing to extend their understanding of how nurses can act as promoters of health.

Public Health and Nursing: Drive Public Health Promotion

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