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#1. Dave is managing a new project to create a radio-operated model plane. The project budget is set at $200,000 and the project must be completed within six months of the starting date. The initial document authorizing this project and giving Dave the authority to apply organizational resources to the project activities is called _______________.

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The project charter records the description of the product and its requirements as well as authorizes the use of organizational resources to produce the objective of the project. The scope statement and the project management plan contain an elaborated version of these requirements. The organizational process assets are policies, procedures, and guidelines that are used to influence the project’s success.

#2. Since the levels of both cost and risk vary throughout the project life cycle, which of the following statements is true?

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Costs are usually low at the initiating stage of the project. Since uncertainty is high at the beginning, risk associated with that uncertainty is also high. As the project continues through its life cycle, resources are expended causing an increase in costs. At the same time, as the project progresses toward completion, the uncertainty and risk is decreased.

#3. In a phased project, phase end meetings are used to sign-off on the deliverables associated with that phase. These phase end points typically provide a good opportunity to evaluate the progress and performance in that phase. Which of the following terms is synonymous for phase end?

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Phase exits, phase gates, stage gates, kill points, decision gates and milestones are synonymous terms for phase end points.

#4. An office furniture manufacturing company has initiated a project to computerize and automate some of their manufacturing process systems. The manufacturing personnel are not happy with this idea, and they are afraid they may lose their jobs because of the automation. As the project manager, what would your first step be?

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While some stakeholders benefit from a project, others may be negatively impacted by the outcome. As a project manager, you must identify both groups of stakeholders. Failure to recognize the stakeholders negatively affected may jeopardize the project objectives. Since meeting with the sponsor would not necessarily resolve the issue because you have not heard the concerns of the negative stakeholders yet, your initial step would be to include the manufacturing personnel as project stakeholders. Preparing a probability and impact matrix might be a logical next step, but without analysis of the impact and its probability, it would not be prudent to assure the employees their jobs were not in jeopardy.

#5. Stakeholder management is a critical aspect of managing a project. In order to manage stakeholder expectations, the project manager must come up with a strategy. One technique that can be used to develop this strategy is the ______________________.

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Stakeholder analysis defines the stakeholder management strategy and includes specific information such as the identities of those stakeholders who can significantly impact the project and their level of participation. The issue log evolves while managing the stakeholder expectations and may result in change orders to incorporate corrective or preventive actions. The stakeholder register identifies the project’s stakeholders. The stakeholder management plan identifies the management strategies required to effectively engage stakeholders.

#6. In situations involving a large number of ideas on requirements provided by various stakeholders, a project manager must sort, review and analyze those ideas. Which of the following tools can be utilized to accomplish this?

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Affinity diagrams can be used to sort and group idea for additional review and analysis. Mind mapping allows ideas to be grouped based on their similarities and differences. A Pareto chart is not used to gather requirements but to identify the 80/20 relationships of problems in the quality area. Brainstorming is a requirement gathering technique but used primarily in the idea generation stage rather than the review and analysis aspect.

#7. Which of the following are inputs to the Develop Project Management Plan process?

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The project charter is an input to the Develop Project Management Plan process as are the enterprise environmental factors. While expert judgment is utilized during this process, it is considered a tool and technique rather than an input.

#8. Earned Value (EV) for a new operating system design project is calculated at $300,000 and the Actual Cost (AC) is $280,000. The Budget at Completion (BAC) is estimated at $500,000. The project is progressing well from a budgetary point of view, since the CPI value is greater than one. What is the Estimate at Completion (EAC) if the future work of the project is performed at the budgeted rate?

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The Estimate at Completion (EAC) is the total cost of the project when completed. There are two methods to calculate the EAC. It can be calculated at the budgeted rate, or it can be figured using the present CPI. The EAC at the budgeted rate is based on performance to date and represented by the actual accrued costs. The formula for EAC = AC BAC – EV = $280,000 $5000,000 – $300,000 = $480,000.

#9. Earned Value (EV) for a new optic radar design project is calculated at $100,000 and the Actual Cost (AC) is $80,000. The Budget at Completion (BAC) is estimated at $200,000. What is the current CPI on this project?

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CPI (Cost performance index) is calculated by the equation, CPI = EV/AC. In this case, the earned value is $100,000 and the actual cost is $80,000. Therefore, the equation becomes $100,000/$80,000 = 1.25. The Budget at completion information is irrelevant in this question.

#10. On a project schedule network diagram, leads and lags are used to define the relationships between activities. These leads and lags indicate either acceleration or delay, respectively, of the successor activity. If a team member on your project indicates FF+3 on the network diagram, what does that notation indicate?

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When sequencing activities, there are four types of relationships: finish-to-finish, start-to-finish, finish-to-start, and start-to-start. Finish-to-finish are indicated as “FF.” Leads are shown with a negative sign (-) and lags are indicated with a positive sign ( ). The correct answer is a finish-to-finish relationship with 3 days of lag time.




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