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#1. Which of the following are inputs to the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process?

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The inputs to the manage stakeholder engagement process include the stakeholder management plan, communications management plan, change log and organizational process assets. Hence, the stakeholder management plan and the change log are correct answers.

#2. Project communication involves dissemination of information by various methods. Communication may be formal, informal, v

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Formal communication involves reports, memos, and briefings. Any communication that goes outside the project team or the stakeholders is known as external communication. Conversely, all communication with the project team and stakeholders is within the organization. It is not external and it typically considered horizontal in nature. Hence, horizontal communication is the correct response.

#3. Earned value analysis can be used for measuring the project performance. Project managers use this analysis to plan for risks based on the actual cost, schedule and progress of the work. During the executing phase, if a project has negative values for the cost variance and the schedule variance, which of the following would most accurately represent the project's status?

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Cost variance equals earned value minus actual costs (EV-AC). If the value is negative, it indicates the project is over budget. Schedule variance equals earned value minus planned value (EV-PV). If the value is negative, it indicates the project is behind schedule. In this scenario, based on the negative values calculated by the earned value analysis, this project is over budget and behind schedule.

#4. Clifford is managing a project to build non-nuclear components for nuclear weapons. His project team consists of scientists, engineers, designers, and technical experts with extensive backgrounds in their fields. In an effort designed to create a degree of trust among team members, Clifford has initiated a kickoff meeting with all team members. During this meeting, Clifford wants to clarify the project objective and learn about each team member's interests and levels of influence. In addition, he needs to assign the roles and responsibilities for each team member. In this scenario, Clifford's team is in which of the following stages?

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Team development goes through five stages: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning. Since Clifford is getting to know the team members and preparing to assign them their roles and responsibilities, the team is in the Forming stage.

#5. During project execution, the planned value, earned value and the actual cost all have identical values. In this scenario, which of the following statements best describes the status of the project?

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If the planned value, earned value and the actual cost values are identical, the cost variance and schedule variance values are zero. Also, the cost performance index and the schedule performance index values are 1. The values given in this scenario indicate that the project is on schedule and on budget.

#6. If one standard deviation is equal to 0.02, what is the upper control limit in a control chart if the upper control limit is set at +2 Sigma?

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One sigma in the control limit indicates one standard deviation, which means the upper control limit = 2 sigma or 2 standard deviation. In this case, this would equal 2 (0.02) = 0.04. Hence, 0.04 is the correct answer.

#7. Ryan Systems is in the 3rd week of a 5-week project to consolidate all of its data servers to a central location in its new data center. The amount of money spent on this project to date is approximately $80,000. The planned value for the move as of the 3rd week is $50,000. What is the status of the project at this time? Over budget

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Earned value (EV) is a measure of work performed in terms of the budget authorized for that work. Planned value (PV) is the authorized budget assigned to scheduled work to be accomplished for an activity during a given point in time or phase. When the EV is less than the PV this is a scheduling issue. Because planned value denotes how much work should be complete, and earned value denotes the actual work that is complete, we have less work completed as planned, and thus we are behind schedule. 6th Ed., PMBOK, p. 261, Section 4 – Monitoring and Controlling

#8. John has just finished the requirements documentation including the deliverable acceptance criteria to determine the success of the project in terms of the deliverables produced. A series of tasks are included in the criteria. Both John and the customer must perform this series of tasks in order to complete the acceptance and sign-off the final deliverables. Which of the following project processes would use these criteria to provide formal acceptance of the deliverables?

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Validated deliverables are compared against the requirements and acceptance criteria in order to formally sign-off the completed deliverables. Since the requirements documentation is an input to the validated scope process, the deliverable acceptance criteria created in the planning phase is used in the validated scope process of the monitoring and controlling phase. Hence, the validate scope process is the correct response.

#9. Which of the following processes describes the collection, measurement and distribution of performance information, and measuring the health of the project to identify project areas that require corrective or preventive actions?

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The progress of the project is measured during the monitor and control project work process. Monitoring activities include measuring, collecting , and distributing performance information, and controlling activities include determining corrective or preventive actions.

#10. Wilma is examining the data on her control chart. It shows four consecutive points above +3 sigma and three subsequent points below -3 sigma. If the lower and upper control limits are set at +-3 sigma, what should Wilma report as the status of the process?

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When a process is within the control limits it is in control and does not need to be adjusted. Seven consecutive points above or below the upper and lower control limits indicate a process that is out of control. In this example, the seven consecutive points are either above or below the control limits. Therefore, the process is out of control.

#11. In a crime prevention software development project for a municipal organization, a steering committee is responsible for approving all deliverables before they are transferred to operations. This steering committee is made up of directors from three different municipal agencies. If the steering committee approves the transfer of deliverables with a 2-1 vote, which of the following statements is correct?

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The project is considered closed when all deliverables are transferred and lessons learned documentation, project files and historical databases are updated. Therefore, since deliverables have been transferred, the project is in the close project phase.

#12. Dora has just taken over an IT project. This project was terminated six months ago due to a shortage of funds and resources. Dora wants to determine the reasons for the fund shortage as well as the situation with the incomplete deliverables. Of the following documents, which should Dora examine in order to determine the facts about her project?

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Project closure documents contain information related to the deliverables and other closing documents. If the project was terminated, the closure documents should indicate the reason for early termination.

#13. In order to ensure that all project deliverables are complete during project closure, a project manager needs to measure prior information from the previous phase closures. From the following list, select the documents the project manager would use and review to measure project scope and ensure completion of deliverables before considering the project closed.

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Project scope is measured against the project management plan. The project manager should review the project management plan to verify the project scope has been achieved and to ensure that all deliverables are complete.

#14. Adam is managing a new project, and he has spent several days meeting with key project resources to review his procurements. What project process is Adam involved with if he tells his project team to close all inventory and contract management records to update the final procurement results?

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During the control procurement process, all contract results are updated and all procurement documents are closed. Therefore, in this scenario, Adam is in the control procurements process.

#15. Which of the following activities are involved during the administrative closure of a project?

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Activities required to perform the administrative closure of a project include those activities necessary to satisfy the exit criteria of the project, the activities necessary to transfer the project’s result and the activities necessary to audit project success or failure.




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