Programming Essentials with Python: Cloud Technology and SaaS

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Launch your career in programming with this course on the fundamentals of Python and other programming languages.

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What’s powering the architecture of cloud computing, and how does it rely on Python programming?

The second course in this Python ExpertTrack takes a deep dive into the cloud.

You’ll look at different types of cloud architecture and learn to articulate the benefits, challenges, and opportunities they offer.

You’ll also gain further insights into the most commonly used programming language – Python. You’ll master its primary functions, and examine its data structures and how to use them.

Discover how cloud computing works

Cloud computing has transformed how computer power – from networks to intelligence – is delivered, offering the opportunity for innovation, flexibility and economies of scale.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of the cloud and how it came to be. You’ll identify the major players within cloud computing, and gain a greater knowledge of its importance and impact upon business and the wider world.

Examine IaaS, Saas and other types of cloud architecture

Going further into cloud computing services, you’ll look at various deployment models and learn how to weigh them up against the risks and challenges they will face.

You’ll go in-depth on IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), Saas (software as a service) and FaaS (function as a service) infrastructure services, and analyse the benefits, issues and opportunities that cloud computing presents.

Master the basics of data structures and algorithms in Python

The final week of the course will shift focus to one of the most straightforward and most commonly used programming languages, Python.

As well as learning how to use its primary functions, you’ll also find out how to define and compare its four built-in data structures – list, tuple, dictionary and set.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for professionals looking to build confidence in Python and other programming languages.

It’s ideally suited to career-changers seeking a programming role, established technology professionals, and tech team leaders.

What software or tools do you need?

On this course we’ll be using Python. We recommend you use a computer to access these elements.

Programming Essentials with Python: Cloud Technology and SaaS

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