Programming Applications with Python: Libraries and Web Scraping

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On the final course of this ExpertTrack, consider applications for APIs and Python, and explore the purpose of web scraping.

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Examine Python libraries for web development

This course will continue the training you’ve received so far, and introduce you to the popular Requests library in Python. You’ll study how to install the Requests library and get to know how it works.

Learning via videos, interactive exercises, and quizzes, you’ll also explore what HTTP requests are and what each of the status codes in HTTP mean.

Explore error handling and web scraping

You’ll examine performing error handling – one of the most crucial aspects of software development – before going on to learn the basics of web scraping.

Explore how common libraries and tools can be used to perform web scraping, and learn how web scraping works in practice and its pros and cons.

Using BeautifulSoup in Python program to perform web scraping, you’ll emerge with a firm understanding of the library, able to perform basic web scraping for your next project.

Learn Python with international experts

Github is a world-leading development platform, and you’ll discover the ins and outs of application programming with Python.

You’ll finish the ExpertTrack with a string of in-demand skills you can take to the software development job market – or apply to your current role – with confidence.

Who is the course for?

  • Career changers looking for an entry-level role as a programmer.
  • Established technology professionals looking to better understand the versatility of Python.
  • Technology team leaders, looking to better understand key concepts to more effectively manage development teams

What software or tools do you need?

On this course we’ll be using Python. We recommend you use a computer to access these elements.

Programming Applications with Python: Libraries and Web Scraping

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