Free course on Place-making and Public Space Design: Unlocking Design Potential

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Learn about the effects of climate change on urban planning and how to account for it when designing residential and tourism areas.

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About This course

Analyzing and comprehending the influence of climate is critical when it comes to building successful urban environments that work for both tourists and inhabitants.

This three-week course will teach you how to use computer-aided modeling to improve residential and tourism development.

Unleash your inner urban planner.

You’ll utilize computer-aided climate analysis and 3-D modeling to apply integrated urban planning (a holistic approach to the built environment design process that looks at it from all perspectives) in this course. Simultaneously, you’ll hone your skills to generate creative solutions for sustainable, appealing tourist locations.

Investigate the link between weather and placemaking.

Weather plays an important role in residential and tourism design, and this course delves into the implications.

You’ll use cutting-edge technology to explore solar access and shading, wind effects, and snow patterns, and you’ll be able to apply what you learn to your urban planning projects.

Our Experts can help you with your placemaking research.

The principal educator of this course has vast expertise in design creation and design process management, and Lulea University of Technology has a wealth of experience in industrial engineering and management. They will provide you with crucial insights into how to create urban spaces when they are combined.


Week 1: Microclimatic investigation using computer models

Week 2: Public Space Wind Effects

Week 3: Public space solar access and shading

On this course, you will be learning

This self-guided course allows you to learn at your own speed. You can meet other students, share your views, and participate in active conversations in the comments at any time during the course.

What will you accomplish?

You’ll be able to… by the end of the course.

  • Explain how various climatic conditions result in different sorts of public areas and utilization.
  • Experiment with how wind and solar patterns are affected by the built environment.
  • Explain the climatic conditions of a location at different times of the year.
  • Make a climate analysis computer-aided design.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is for anyone interested in place-making in the tourism industry. It will be helpful to current tourism professionals trying to upgrade their skills, as well as anyone looking to work in the hospitality industry.

What kind of software or tools do you require?

For Computer-Aided Design and climatic analysis, this course employs a variety of online and open source tools. The applications and systems that are used are all free. Every week, links to where the applications can be discovered or downloaded are provided.

Free course on Place-making and Public Space Design: Unlocking Design Potential

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