Cameras, Exposure, and Photography

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You will make your first photographs and, if you are a subscriber to the Photography specialization, upload pictures to the web gallery and start interacting with your fellow learners in our “Gallery.”

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About this Course

Welcome to Course One of Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR! In these first 4 Modules, you will gain the knowledge and the confidence that will help you make good choices as you consider the qualities of the camera you own and the qualities of the other types of digital cameras you might be considering.

You will learn about the basic functions that most digital cameras have in common. You will also go beyond the “technical” matters and learn about how you can make exciting pictures by emphasizing the aspects of Frame and Vantage Point to interpret old subjects in new ways.

Discovering accessories that photographers find useful, and the types of camera bags from mini to carry-on sized is also in store for you.  Let’s get started with Module One!

Skills You Will Gain


6 hours to complete

Welcome to the Module One of Course One, where we will begin our journey together to gain the knowledge and skills that will help you take control of your photography! The world of digital photography presents so many “tech” options that it can be quite confusing.

Throughout this Course and Specialization, we will be sorting through the various functions, menus, and also the good old focus and exposure and camera craft aspects, so you can build a foundation for success. We’ll start with some Basics, and keep building!

9 videos (Total 64 min), 7 readings, 5 quizzes

6 hours to complete

Camera capabilities: differences and similarities
In Module Two we will survey different types of digital cameras that are in widespread use today, discuss their different capabilities and characteristics, and help you determine which might be most appropriate for the uses you plan to make of your photographs.

Whether you need to make photographs to capture the important moments of personal experience with friends and family, or need to make photographs for purposes related to your employment or small business, you will find an overview of information to help you here. Along with the time you spend learning about cameras, you should continue to experiment with your own camera and your own interest in photography!

10 videos (Total 119 min), 1 reading, 6 quizzes

3 hours to complete

Setting up yourself and your digital camera: Menus, Settings, and baggage!
In Module Three you will be guided through the critical steps of “Setting Up” your Digital Camera. Digital cameras of all types offer many options to choose from, allowing you to customize the way the pictures are recorded and to be more successful in achieving your goals in photography. This is NOT just a checklist of functions, simply guiding you as to which buttons to push!

You will learn the practical significance of what the settings mean and how they impact the way a picture looks, and how your camera works. You will understand not only HOW but also WHY! Whether you have a brand new camera or have been making digital photographs for a while, this information is critical to your success.

7 videos (Total 84 min)

4 hours to complete

Picture Decisions: The Vantage Point and Frame
In Module Four we will turn to concepts related to the way photographs look, and how practical decisions that are unique to photography can have a dramatic effect in terms of what their creative content might be. We examine the aspects of Vantage Point and Frame as essential choices that must be made by photographers no matter what their ultimate goal for image-making.

We also introduce the Peer Review process for paid Learners and the ways we can learn about our own ideas through using “terms of art” in written reviews of the photographs of fellow Learners.

7 videos (Total 87 min), 3 readings, 3 quizzes

Free Course on Cameras, Exposure, and Photography

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