Norwegian for Beginners 3

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Continue building your understanding of the Norwegian language and culture with the third online course for beginners from NTNU.

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Learn to read and write basic sentences in Norwegian

Build on what you have learnt in theĀ Norwegian for Beginners 1Ā andĀ Norwegian for Beginners 2Ā courses and continue to develop your Norwegian communication skills.

On this course, you will learn how to describe objects using adjectives and discover how to use possessive pronouns. You will also be introduced to prepositions and understand how to use tenses when writing about actions in a timeline.

Upon completion of this course, you will feel more confident reading and writing Norwegian and understand what culture and life in Norway are really like.

What topics will youĀ cover?

  • Cultural resources:
  • Work in Norway
  • Sport and health
  • Culture in Norway
  • Traditions and festivities
  • Grammar:
  • Possessive Pronouns: How to express ownership and relations
  • Subordinate Causes: The how, why and when of actions
  • Adjectives: from grade zero to superlative

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at English speakers who want to learn Norwegian and have completed theĀ Norwegian for Beginners 1Ā andĀ Norwegian for Beginners 2Ā courses.

What software or tools do you need?

To take part on this course, you need to use Norwegian characters on your computer keyboard.

Norwegian for Beginners 3

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