Network Security and Defence: Network Environments

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Explore network environments and how to defend your network against cyber threats and improve your internet security.

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Explore a range of stakeholders and regulations that can influence defence

Global connectivity requires organisations to consider who they connect their networks with, what data they hold and who else can access it. With this, comes risk. In this short course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to successfully evaluate network risk and create secure networks.

Explore network risk management

A network defence manager must be able to assess the risks to a network, manage them appropriately and understand that not all options are negotiable.

This course will develop your knowledge of what to consider when it comes to network defence management and the regulatory requirements that organisational networks must comply with. This includes the physical elements and organisational factors, such as connectivity, budget and risk and response.

Consider the implications of different network environments

Key to this course is introducing network environments, which generate large numbers of security events and log data via firewalls, network routers, servers and anti-malware systems.

Deepen your learning with network security case studies

In the second week, you’ll have the opportunity to add real life context by looking at case studies of four different councils, and see how your learning so far relates to these examples.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone looking to build their understanding of cyber security and network defence management.

Network Security and Defence: Network Environments

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