Mindful Leadership: Become a Strong Leader in your Industry

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Learn to lead by example as you discover how to manage stress and maintain mental well-being to help lead your team to success.

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Gain the skills to combat stress alongside Goldie Hawn and MindUp

Stress in the workplace is almost unavoidable. However, being able to handle stress and manage the stress levels within your team is key in effective leadership.

In this two-week course, you’ll discover simple strategies to help you combat stress, boost your well-being, and balance your work and home life. With a solid arsenal of skills and techniques to guide you as a leader, you’ll be in a position to demonstrate resilience and mental health conditioning to those that you lead.

Learning from the experts at Ducere Global Business School and the Goldie Hawn Foundation, MindUP, you’ll be ready to strive for success and lead your team to the top of their industries.

Learn how to practice mindfulness to manage stress

To understand the impact of stress on the body and mind, you’ll unpack common stressors and stress responses.

You’ll also hear from Goldie Hawn to discover the benefits of mindfulness and the stress-relieving techniques you can implement in your everyday life.

Discover the power of positive psychology and the science of happiness

You’ll delve further into self-care as you explore positive psychology and the science behind well-being and happiness.

This understanding will help you learn more well-being strategies including gratitude practices, breath work, and brain breaks.

Understand the importance of social and emotional learning

You’ll hear from Goldie Hawn again to discuss social and emotional learning. With this knowledge, you’ll analyse how emotional intelligence (EI) supports success across multiple domains of life.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to lead your team with mental resilience and mindfulness.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills through mindful and social-emotional awareness.

The techniques you learn on this course can be applied across all industries and sectors.

Mindful Leadership: Become a Strong Leader in your Industry

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