Migrating to the AWS Cloud

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Learn how to migrate your on-premises applications and workloads to the AWS Cloud to help improve security and productivity.

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Master the fundamentals of migrating to AWS

Many businesses are realising the benefits of moving to the cloud – from reducing costs and downtime to enhancing security and productivity.

This four-week course will arm you with the expertise and tools to seamlessly migrate your workload to the AWS Cloud.

You’ll learn how to analyse your current environment, plan your migration, and navigate the commonly used AWS services.

You’ll then be guided through the actual migration steps, and have the opportunity to complete hands-on labs, to ensure you can successfully migrate to the AWS Cloud.

Delve into AWS services

You’ll start by taking the necessary steps to prepare for your migration. To do this, you’ll conduct portfolio discovery and analyse your infrastructure and workloads.

Next, you’ll unpack different AWS services and learn how to translate your work into AWS effectively.

Understand the AWS Migration Hub

You’ll then be introduced to the AWS Migration Hub as your single place for planning your migration.

Within this, you’ll explore scaling considerations and discover how to track the status of each application through your migration.

Improve your processes with the AWS Cloud adoption framework

Finally, you’ll unpack what is meant by migrating and modernising as you learn how to migrate applications, servers, and databases.

Throughout the course, you’ll be guided by the specialists at AWS Training and Certification. With their expertise, you’ll finish the course with the knowledge and confidence to follow the AWS Cloud adoption framework and successfully migrate to the AWS Cloud.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone interested in migrating to the AWS Cloud.

It will be most beneficial for those involved in planning and running migration projects as well as solutions architects, software engineers, IT project managers, and operation leads.

Migrating to the AWS Cloud

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