MathTrackX: Differential Calculus

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Discover concepts and techniques relating to differentiation and how they can be applied to solve real-world problems.

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This course is part three of the MathTrackX XSeries Program which has been designed to provide you with a solid foundation in mathematical fundamentals and how they can be applied in the real world.

This course will cover basic concepts and techniques relating to differentiation; a fundamental tool of calculus. Derivatives are key to the understanding of rates of change, that is the extent to which a function responds to changes in a dependent variable.

Guided by experts from the School of Mathematics and the Maths Learning Centre at the University of Adelaide, this course will cover concepts and techniques to provide a foundation for the applications of differentiation in STEM related careers and/or further study at the undergraduate level.

Join us as we provide opportunities to develop your skills and confidence in applying mathematics to solve real-world problems.

  • How derivatives relate to the slope of a function
  • How to calculate the derivative of polynomials and special functions
  • Differentiation rules for evaluating the derivative of non-trivial functions
  • The concept and application of ‘the second derivative’
  • How to use differentiation to solve problems in basic motion, mechanics and optimisation.
MathTrackX: Differential Calculus

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