Managing for Frictionless Sales

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This course Managing for Frictionless Sales is intended for anyone interested in jumpstarting their career in sales – whether you’re changing careers and looking for an entry-level role, or want to hone your skills in your current role as a sales representative.

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About this Course

This course Managing for Frictionless Sales introduces you to the Frictionless Sales Framework and how it can enable your sales team to be more effective and efficient. You’ll learn how to measure your team’s effectiveness with a Rep Efficiency Audit.

You will discover how to create a sales process that aligns with your targeted buyer’s journey as well as your business goals. You’ll also learn how to create an effective sales training program, hiring strategy and onboarding process to help you staff your team with the best sales professionals and train them to be successful.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define a sales process that minimizes friction in sales and is based on the target buyer’s journey
  • Create an effective sales training and coaching program
  • Create a sales hiring strategy that enables you to find the right people for your team
  • Implement a successful sales onboarding process to align your new hires with your business goals

Regardless of your current experience, this course will instruct you on how to create an effective sales process and how to hire, coach, and manage an effective sales team. It does not require any background knowledge or experience to get started.

Throughout this course Managing for Frictionless Sales, you will complete exercises that ask you to apply the skills you have learned in a practical way, such as completing a Rep Efficiency Audit, mapping your sales process, and implementing a coaching process using the GROW model.

What You Will Learn

  • How to create an effective and efficient sales process
  • How to develop a sales team hiring strategy in Managing for Frictionless Sales
  • How to implement an effective sales team onboarding program

Skills You Will Gain

  • Customer Success
  • Sales Team Management
  • Sales in Managing for Frictionless Sales
  • Sales Process Engineering
  • Onboarding


6 hours to complete

Managing for Frictionless Sales: Adopting a Frictionless Sales Mindset
In the first week you will be introduced to the Frictionless Selling Framework and how to apply this framework so your team can spend more time selling and be aligned with your target buyer. You’ll also learn how to transform your sales team by giving them consistent opportunities to learn and improve.

18 videos (Total 74 min), 7 readings, 6 quizzes

4 hours to complete

Managing for Frictionless Sales: Establishing a Sales Process
This week you will examine the Jobs Theory and how it can be used to help you target the right buyers for the product you are selling. You’ll also dive deeper into the buyer’s journey and how this will shape your sales process.

11 videos (Total 82 min), 2 readings, 5 quizzes

3 hours to complete

Managing for Frictionless Sales: Coaching and Growing a Sales Team
In the third week you will focus on the importance of an effective sales training program in reaching your sales goals. You’ll also learn various coaching techniques to help your sales team members become even more successful.

7 videos (Total 61 min), 2 readings, 4 quizzes

4 hours to complete
Hiring and Onboarding Sales Reps
In the final week you will learn how to develop a strategy for hiring the best sales representatives and how to create an onboarding process that will ensure their success. You’ll finish out the course with some helpful tips for searching, applying, and interviewing for your next role.

9 videos (Total 48 min), 4 readings, 6 quizzes

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