Loss of a Baby in Multiple Pregnancy: Supporting Grieving Parents

Gain a deeper understanding of what parents go through when losing a baby in multiple pregnancies and how to support them.

Give real support to bereaved parents after pregnancy or neonatal loss

Pregnancy loss and neonatal death are always devastating. Parents can be especially overwhelmed by the complex cluster of evoked feelings when they occur in multiple pregnancies.

This two-week course by The Butterfly Project will provide in-depth guidance into what parents are going through, how to provide bereavement support, and how to celebrate each life in multiple pregnancies.

Gain insight into experiences following multiple pregnancy loss

In this course, you’ll get to explore the unique parental experiences of reproductive loss in multiple pregnancies and the key challenges that arise in hospital wards and after discharge. The importance of peer-led discussion and insight sharing is stressed at all times.

Unpack bereavement support fundamentals for every stage

This course’s high-quality learning materials and guidelines were developed in partnership with parents, so you can trust their effectiveness.

From dealing with the immediate aftermath of the loss to encouraging parents to create memories of the life they’re mourning, you’ll feel more confident in every clinical setting.

Learn bereavement support with an award-winning team

The Butterfly Project is a group of academics, doctors, and nurses dedicated to working with parents following neonatal death or pregnancy loss. Their latest research focuses on such losses experienced in multiple pregnancies. With unparalleled parental interviews and accounts, they deliver an exceptional course in bereavement support during and after these tragic events.

The development of this course was supported by an unrestricted grant paid to Skye High Foundation from Elba Charitable Foundation and Inspiration Healthcare Charitable Trust.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for health professionals working with expecting or recently-bereaved multiple pregnancy parents in any capacity. Doctors, midwives, nurses, counsellors, and psychologists will all find it valuable.

Loss of a Baby in Multiple Pregnancy: Supporting Grieving Parents

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