Learn Jazz Piano: Final Topics and Two Concerts

Explore advanced blues sequences, ballads, special devices and composing to incorporate Latin and funk into your jazz piano style.

Combine everything you’ve learned with the final course in the Jazz Piano series

On this course you’ll expand your jazz piano repertoire and put your improvisation skills to the test in this final course in the Learn Jazz Piano ExpertTrack. On this final course in the series, you’ll combine everything you’ve learned up to now, and add some cool new skills to your musical reserves.

Learn ballads, Latin jazz and draw on other musical influences

You’ll be introduced to four advanced blues sequences and the conventions involved in playing ballads. You’ll also look at Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban influences, Brazilian influences and bossa novas.

You’ll then dive into other jazz influences – often referred to as crossovers – such as jazz funk, third steam, indo-jazz, free jazz and improvised music.

Grow your confidence in jazz comping and improvisation

You’ll then learn about a fourth route to improvisation, followed by ways to support the soloist, otherwise known as ‘comping’. There’s an opportunity to apply those new devices to ‘Beautiful Love’ and ‘My Romance’.

Put it all together

By the end of this course, you’ll have developed an arsenal of techniques, influences, and your own personal responses to each exercise to help you improvise and develop your musical style. You’ll explore pianistic and non-pianistic influences, learn some tips on the practicalities of how to practice, how to learn standards by heart, transcribe, compose, and even form a group and get gigs.

The course concludes with two programmed concerts, a solo concert and a concert from My Piano Trio to inspire you to take your music to the next level.

What topics will you cover?

  • Additional blues sequences and ballads in jazz including the jazz standards “Body And Soul”, “Round Midnight” and “Blue In Green”
  • Claves, Afro-Cuban tunes, Bossa Novas, Montunos, even quavers and the jazz standards “A Night In Tunisia”, “Recordame”, “Blue Bossa” and “The Girl From Ipanema”
  • Intoduction to jazz funk and the jazz standards “Little Sunflower” and “Cantaloupe Island” and the other jazz influences third stream, free jazz and improvised music
  • Special devices and comping and the jazz standards “Beautiful Love” and “My Romance”
  • Putting it all together
  • 40 minute solo piano concert by Ray d’Inverno
  • 90 minute concert from the “Ray d’Inverno Trio”

Who is the course for?

This course requires a basic ability to read music, play the piano and familiarity with scales. They may be of particular interest to university and college piano students studying music or jazz piano. You’ll need access to a piano or keyboard, and have a computer, tablet or smartphone set up next to it.

Learn Jazz Piano: Final Topics and Two Concerts

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