Learn How to Bake Afternoon Tea with BBC Good Food

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From madeleines to macarons, get the tips and techniques you need to bake the perfect afternoon tea and improve your cooking.

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Discover how to bake the perfect afternoon tea with tasty and simple recipes

Over the last five years, afternoon tea, the quintessentially British meal, has become increasingly popular to enjoy out or serve at home.

This course offers five delicious recipes for you to try each week to help you create your own ideal afternoon tea.

You’ll discover how to bake scones, sugar biscuits, madeleines, eclairs, and macarons – classic tea treats sure to leave friends and family wanting more!

Boost your baking techniques and improve your recipes

The course will help you explore recipe ideas for the bakes you love – and help you to explain why each one works.

You’ll learn what to look for in ingredients, and how to start exploring bold new flavours to really bring your afternoon tea bakes to life.

Once you’re comfortable with the essentials, you’ll see how you can vary your ideas and make your bakes even better.

Learn through interactive cooking sessions

You’ll pinpoint how you could become a better cook, by learning to annotate and improve recipes – as well as reflect on the inevitable odd failed bake!

Learn how to decorate your afternoon tea bakes, and get the inside track on exactly what bakeware and kitchen kit you need to bring your biscuits, buns, and bites to life.

An important part of baking is the culture around it. With interactive and animated online lessons, you’ll also examine the role that baking plays in everyday life.

Get baking tips and tricks from the experts at BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food have been the number one destination for budding cooks and bakers for 30 years.

Now you can learn how to hone your afternoon tea ideas with their expert baking teachers – creating innovative recipes, and becoming a better baker in the process.

What topics will you cover?

This course covers five bakes that would be found at a classic afternoon tea: scones, sugar biscuits, madeleines, eclairs and macarons.

The course starts at the easier end of the scale and ends with the most technically difficult, allowing learners to build on their knowledge. Each class also suggests variations for the bake in question, as well as serving suggestions.

The course also includes:

  • How to read and amend a recipe
  • What to look for in ingredients
  • Bakeware and kitchen equipment tips
  • How to get creative with decoration

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for beginner to intermediate bakers.

Whether you want to learn how baking works so you can be more experimental with your bakes, you’re looking to avoid unhealthy bakes and want to bake from scratch with family, you’re interested in becoming a baking hobbyist, or you’re an experienced baker and want to add new abilities – this course has something for you.

Learn How to Bake Afternoon Tea with BBC Good Food

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