Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact: Storytelling

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This course, Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact helps leaders find their own story through personal branding; develop storytelling success with all constituencies; initiate an effective voice for crisis; interact well through social and third party media, and communicate a vision for innovation.

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About this Course

Storytelling is an essential part of leadership. Effective Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact to inspire talent to excel; to partner with investors and communities; to engage with customers and clients and to grow their impact in the world as part of a global community. Cultivating an authentic, trustworthy and compelling narrative is vital to a leader’s success.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Innovation in Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact
  • Crisis Management


1 hour to complete

Leadership Lessons From Great Brands
What makes a brand truly great? What makes a leader truly great? In this module, our first leadership lessons will be learned from great brands. Understanding great brands will then help you as you build your own personal brand.

6 videos (Total 32 min), 3 readings

25 minutes to complete

Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact: The Art of Leadership Storytelling Made Simple
In this module, you will learn about the art of storytelling made simple. You’ll learn to use storytelling as a powerful strategic communications tool to inform, engage, motivate and inspire those key audiences that are critical to your success. You will also be introduced to the concept of visual mind mapping as a way of helping you to effectively structure your story.

5 videos (Total 25 min)

23 minutes to complete

Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact: The Ultimate Marketing Event
Conquering a media-driven crisis means doing the “right” thing and then telling a fact-based story about it. In this module, you’ll learn that what you do and how well you tell your story is key to your crisis communication strategy. You’ll learn that the most effective crisis responders have planned for the unplanned and recognize that there is a big difference between knowing what to do … and being ready to do it.

5 videos (Total 23 min)

2 hours to complete

Leadership Storytelling and Innovation
Leadership requires an innovative mindset, but getting others inspired by new approaches or products requires storytelling. This module will augment your leadership communication capacity as you grow your organization.

6 videos (Total 32 min), 2 readings, 1 quiz

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