Introduction to Psychology: Biological Psychology

Understand the link between behaviour and human biology, and learn how genes and the environment influence our behaviour.

Improve your scientific skills and explore the fascinating sphere of biological psychology

On this course, you’ll look at an intriguing branch of psychology; one which explores the links between behaviour and human biological functions, paying particular attention to the nervous-system.

You’ll study the role that genes, heredity, the nervous-system, brain and spinal cord all play in determining our physicality and behaviour, and gain an understanding of how heritable diseases and neurotransmitters affect our behaviour.

Discover the fundamentals of genetics, the nervous-system and the brain and spinal cord

This course covers a wide range of important topics, from genetics and the nervous-system, through to heredity, specific genetic disorders and the influence of the brain and spinal cord. Upon completion, you’ll be able to interpret examples of how heritable diseases affect behaviour and explain the role of neurotransmitters in psychology.

Get a solid grounding in modern biological psychology research

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be armed with your own unique insights into some of the world’s most important biological psychology research.

You’ll come away with an understanding of how genes and environment affect behaviour, and be able to define by some diseases may influence behaviour.

You’ll also build specific neurological knowledge of cell types, functions, how synapses communicate across the nervous system, and the role of the endocrine system in managing bodily functions.

What topics will you cover?

  • Introduction to genetics
  • Heredity and genetic disorders
  • Specific genetic disorders
  • The nervous system
  • The brain and spinal cord

Who is the course for?

This introductory course is for anyone interested in psychology – you don’t need any past experience.

It might be of particular use to learners who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree in other disciplines and who are interested in expanding their science and research skills.

Introduction to Psychology: Biological Psychology

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