Introduction to Excel Charts for Data Visualisation

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Learn the basics of charting in Excel, from creating and formatting charts, to the pros and cons of each different type of chart.

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Build charts and dashboards to visualise your data efficiently

As the amount of data we use grows, gone are the days when you would stare at tables of endless data. Instead, we now use visualisations and charts to tell the story within the data.

On this four-week course from The Excel Club, you will learn to work with Excel charts and visualisations, when to use each one and how to make it look great.

Explore the basics of Excel charts

You’ll start this course by looking at the fundamentals of charting in Excel, from inserting charts to working with the different elements of charts such as axes, labels, and gridlines.

Once you have the basics, you’ll begin to explore the most common excel charts, including line charts, bar and column charts, and histograms. With each type of chart, you’ll delve into when you might use them and how best to optimise them for data visualisation.

Discover less common charts for data visualisation

With so many different charts to choose from, most people will stick with the more well-known ones, but there are so many options that can portray your data more effectively.

Week three of the course will take you through the charts that you don’t see as often. Whether it’s bubble charts, waterfall charts, or treemaps, you’ll cover how to create each type of chart as well as the limitations they may have in trying to showcase your message.

Learn how to visualise data without charts

The final week will guide you through visualisations that aren’t charts. You’ll discover how to work with boxplots, sparklines, and slicers and timelines, each with their own pros and cons.

To wrap up this course, you’ll learn how to create a basic Excel dashboard in 20 minutes, from design and development to organising the data efficiently.

What topics will you cover?

  • Inserting charts in Excel
  • Formatting Excel Charts
  • Working with common Excel charts
  • Working with less common Excel charts
  • Charting Fundamentals

Who is the course for?

This course has been designed for anyone looking to learn the basics of Excel charting and visualisation. These skills will help in any industry and role that works with data, helping you to present it effectively.

What software or tools do you need?

To take part in this course you will need a version of Excel. You can sign up for a 30 day trial directly with Microsoft get Excel 365

Introduction to Excel Charts for Data Visualisation

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