Introduction to Data Engineering with Microsoft Azure 2

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Further your knowledge of Microsoft Azure services and improve your data engineering skills.

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Prepare for the DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure exam

Building on your learning from Introduction to Data Engineering with Microsoft Azure 1, this course will develop your understanding of data engineering processes in Microsoft Azure, further preparing you to take the DP-203 exam and kickstart your career in data engineering.

Explore data services within Microsoft Azure

Using Azure data services and tools, you’ll be able to implement, develop, and optimise data storage, processing and security operations within your organisation.

You’ll be introduced to tools including Azure Synapse, Databricks and Azure Data Lake Storage, learning how each can improve and streamline your processes.

Design hybrid transactional and analytical processing (HTAP) patterns

As businesses continue to move to digital processes, they recognise the value of making faster, well-informed decisions and the impact this can have on gaining a competitive advantage.

You’ll be guided through HTAP architecture and learn how to design HTAP using Azure Synapse Analytics.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to run analytics in near-real-time, giving you the ability to respond to opportunities at speed.

Discover data operations in Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks, a cloud-based big data and machine learning platform, empowers developers by simplifying enterprise-grade data application production.

You’ll identify the advantages of Azure Databricks over other Big Data platforms, and learn how to spend more time building apps and less time managing infrastructure.

You’ll finish this course understanding how Microsoft Azure can be used to optimise data engineering operations. Having completed both courses, you’ll be equipped to take the DP-203 exam and develop a career as a data professional.

Introduction to Data Engineering with Microsoft Azure 2



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