International Leadership: The Evolution of Management and Leadership Theory

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Develop an in-depth understanding of leadership and management theories that you can use to assess your own leadership qualities.

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Discover your leadership qualities

Develop your understanding of the evolution of leadership and management theory with this online short course developed by Coventry University.

You’ll have the chance to look at what leadership is, examine the relationship between power and leadership, and compare the concepts of assigned leadership and emergent leadership.

Identify your personal leadership qualities by completing the leadership questionnaires introduced on this training and use these insights to develop your professional practice.

Improve your understanding of good leadership by examining the difference between leadership and management

On this course, you will have the chance to discuss and investigate the differences between a leader and a manager.

You’ll look at assigned leadership and emergent leadership within organisations and compare and contrast the two approaches. Using these and other insights from leadership and management theory, you’ll discover the qualities that make a good leader for organisations of various types.

Develop your leadership qualities by studying leadership and management theories

Are leaders born or made?

On this short course, you will have the opportunity to examine the evolution of leadership theory by exploring the key concepts of leadership.

You will also be able to reflect on your own skills and experiences, using leadership questionnaires to assess your own leadership qualities.

This online training from Coventry University is the ideal introduction to the evolution of management within international leadership. It will equip you with the theory and personal insights to become a more informed leader within your organisation.

Who is the course for?

It’s ideal for those wanting to progress into a leadership role and those looking for leadership skills as part of their continued professional development.

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International Leadership: The Evolution of Management and Leadership Theory



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