International Leadership: Ethical Leadership and Decision-Making

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Explore frameworks for ethical decision-making that can be applied in organisations around the globe to ensure ethical leadership.

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Explore how ethics unravels the dark side of leadership

Developed by Coventry University and delivered by lecturers with specialist knowledge of the field, this online short course in international leadership will introduce you to the fundamentals of ethical leadership.

Discover how ethical leadership is used to make effective decisions in organisations worldwide.

Study the theory of ethical decision-making and leadership, including Kohlberg’s theory of moral development, and examine how you can apply these insights to your day-to-day work within your organisation.

By the end of the course, you will have a solid foundation in ethical decision-making, including an understanding of the models, frameworks, and difficulties involved.

Learn how to be an ethical leader

What is ethical leadership? This course explores ethics and its role in decision-making within organisations.

You will have a chance to explore how ethical decision-making models provide a framework for leaders to understand the effect of moral awareness, judgment, intention, and action or behaviour outcomes among members of your organisation.

On the course, you will have the opportunity to make decisions for yourself based on ethical frameworks and evaluate different perspectives of ethical leadership.

Understand the challenges faced in ethical leadership

How do you handle an ethical dilemma? This is one of the key questions you’ll tackle on this course.

Using case studies and referring to ethical theory, you’ll analyse leadership actions in challenging situations and evaluate choices when presented with ethical dilemmas as a leader.

You’ll have the chance to be introduced to ethical decision-making models and given you the opportunity to discuss contemporary cross-cultural issues involved in leaders’ decision-making.

Who is the course for?

This course is for those wanting to improve their leadership skills to continue their professional development and/or progress into a leadership role.

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