Industrial IoT Fundamentals on AWS

In this course, you’ll get an introduction to Industrial IoT and understand the profound difference between IoT and IIoT. Additionally, you’ll get an introduction to IoT Greengrass, a powerful software suite that extends the benefits of AWS IoT Core to the edge.

Proficient technologists working on the Industrial IoT vertical use lots of technologies and methods to control, manage and get information from the IoT devices. So, there are assembly lines and industrial aspects that need to take into consideration when talking about IoT when used on an industrial scale.

The story we are going to tell is about an individual who is new to that industry and got hired by a company that is planning to adopt to Industry 4.0 standards in the next 3 years, the company is already familiar with some AWS services and already uses it for some other projects, such as their website and other workloads, so it makes sense for them to explore IIoT capabilities on AWS as well.

The company got into a multi-year partnership with AWS to help them transform and innovate, the company is also hiring lots of people with IoT and Cloud backgrounds, preferably with industrial exposure. As today, the company hired Engineers and Architects, but they have limited industrial experience. The company plans to up-skill their existing workforce of industrial engineers with Cloud knowledge to expand their resource pool over time, and due to this workforce, there is a clear knowledge gap on how to build an edge-to-cloud continuum from factories to cloud today.

  • Introduction to Industrial IoT
  • What is the difference between IoT vs IIoT
  • Difference between sensors, gateways and cloud things
  • Introduction to AWS IoT Greengrass
  • Use of Machine Learning in IIoT
  • Security in Industrial IoT
Industrial IoT Fundamentals on AWS

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