How to Improve Your Creative Collaboration

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Analyse your creative team dynamics and develop effective collaboration skills for better team work.

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Understand your role in a team and build team working skills

Creative excellence isn’t a solo activity. It takes the work of a team to produce brilliant commercial creative outcomes.

On this course, you’ll learn key skills to understand your role in a team, how best to work with others, and how to make sure you’re collaborating successfully.

You’ll also hear from world-class creative professionals on how they foster collaboration in their teams, be inspired by brilliant output, and explore how to apply this to your role.

Investigate effective collaboration in creative industries

You’ll look at what effective collaboration looks like and identify the skills required to successfully collaborate in a team. Then you’ll be able to assess your own skillset to focus on what you need to improve to work better as part of a team.

With the working world shifting more towards remote working, it’s important to assess how collaboration differs in a team that’s working from home. This will help you to look at whether there are other collaboration tools you can use to ease the creative process.

Explore the importance of a team and positive team dynamics

When collaborating with different teams, you’ll experience a mixture of personalities and team dynamics. On this course, you’ll learn how to work best alongside various types of co-worker and the techniques you can utilise to improve team dynamics.

Discover how to apply collaboration techniques in different organisations

Every business and team will have their own dynamic and optimal way of working together. This course will take you through examples of collaboration in different organisations so you can compare and contrast the techniques used. Then you’ll be able to apply these tools to your own situation, making sure you’re collaborating successfully and being more productive because of it.

What topics will you cover?

  • Collaboration in the context of the creative industries
  • Remote collaboration
  • Skills to be a successful collaborator
  • The importance of a team
  • How to work alongside different personalities
  • Improving team dynamics
  • How collaboration happens in different organisations

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone in a creative industry looking to collaborate successfully with people in a team.

You may be interested if you’re an early-stage creative wanting to improve your teamwork with other team members, or if you’re a manager looking for techniques to improve collaboration in your team.

How to Improve Your Creative Collaboration

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