How to double Facebook Ad Performance using Messenger Automation & Personalization Tools

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This course explains why and how you should begin to leverage some Facebook Messenger Automation Tools for your Facebook ads instead of using WhatsApp Business, in order to increase the performance of your ads by at least 200%. You will learn how to use Shortcodes to generate client’s details automatically, how to use the FAQ to give prospects 100% correct automated answers to their questions etc. See the description below the page for the full curriculum.

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This 36 minutes video course shows you a practical step-by-step guide of:

  • How to install the app to use for the automation and set it up
  • Benefits of using Facebook Messenger for your ads instead of WhatsApp Business
  • Why you don’t need to be online on Messenger to efficiently use it and double your ad performance
  • How to design your Instant Reply to double the performance of your ad (the logic can help you design WhatsApp Business Greetings Message as well)
  • Why you should use the Messenger personalization tool and shortcodes in your automated replies
  • How to automatically generate and use client’s details e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc using shortcodes only
  • Why you should disable the Away Message both on Messenger and WhatsApp Business.
  • How to use the Facebook Messenger FAQs to help prospects ask the right questions and get the perfect response automatically
  • How to design the FAQs to acquire maximum result
  • How to add pictures and buttons in automated replies
  • How to use Facebook Messenger Contact and Location automated tools.

There is also support from the tutor for verified buyers.

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How to double Facebook Ad Performance using Messenger Automation & Personalization Tools

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