How to Create a Profitable Pricing Strategy

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Learn how to create a profitable pricing strategy for your business with entrepreneur Ken Burke.

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Decipher how to develop a successful positioning and pricing strategy

This four-week course will teach you the ins and outs of developing a pricing strategy, what your target market is and how you can reach it via a specific messaging strategy or series of strategies.

Ultimately, this will help you to better understand and communicate your business’ unique value proposition.

Develop a complete go-to-market strategy for your business or business idea

You’ll start by asking yourself which is the most important aspect of your business; its uniqueness or the value that it provides. You’ll also identify what kinds of benefits will resonate best with customers.

You’ll then also ask questions such as:

  • What cues can I take from my product or service to inform my business positioning?
  • What role does competition play with my positioning?
  • Which elements of my business can I emphasise in order to improve my positioning?

Initiate a powerful positioning strategy

From here, you’ll then decipher how to initiate a powerful positioning strategy, identifying which areas of your go-to-market strategy are impacted by your target market definition.

You’ll then also clarify which attributes are the most valuable when defining the demographics of your target market and will establish which psycho-graphic profile information to focus on to initiate a strong messaging strategy.

Learn from a marketing expert from the EntrepreneurNOW! Network

Throughout the course, you’ll be taught by Ken Burke, a successful serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of the EntrepreneurNOW! Network.

He has used all the business strategies he teaches in this course throughout his own businesses.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for budding entrepreneurs wanting to start their own businesses.

You will also find it useful if you’re a business owner, executive, or product manager looking to brush up on strategy and business concepts. Students considering future career prospects in business, finance, or marketing will also benefit from this course.

What software or tools do you need?

Excel or Google Sheets would be helpful to use for this course but is not essential. The course contains a significant amount of video content.

How to Create a Profitable Pricing Strategy

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