How to Build Your Creative Resilience

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Discover how to improve your creative process and build your resilience within the creative industry.

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Become better equipped to handle the pressures of creative work

In today’s world, change is part of everyday life. How you cope with it, overcome it, and roll with the punches is your resilience.

This course is aimed at those in creative industries, where there are unique challenges. From client pitches and burn-out to the constant pressure to have brilliant ideas.

You’ll understand your purpose, explore vulnerability, and overcome situations that will test your resilience, making you more equipped to handle the pressures of creative work.

Understand how the creative process impacts your resilience

The creative process can often involve challenges other industries don’t deal with, adding pressure when trying to create your best work.

You’ll start by examining the creative process to develop strategies for building your creative resilience in testing situations.

Explore vulnerability at work and its relationship with resilience

Strong, supportive teams can help fuel each other’s creative resilience and improve the creative process overall.

You’ll look at vulnerability at work, learning some techniques to build resilience with the help of others. You’ll then create a plan to tackle a common challenge for creatives: giving and receiving feedback. Learn when, where, and how to ask for feedback, while being open to the response. Plus, explore how to give constructive feedback that helps build resilience in others.

Build resilience by identifying your personal purpose

It’s important to know your purpose in your role. There are different ways to figure out your personal purpose within a team and an organisation.

This course will take you through the process of finding your purpose and feeding that into your creative resilience. Once you bring everything together, you’ll have the tools to become more resilient in creative industries.

What topics will you cover?

  • How the creative process impacts individual resilience
  • How to build resilience with the help of others
  • Vulnerability
  • Purpose
  • Feedback

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone in a creative industry looking to build resilience and find their personal purpose.

You may be interested if you’re a junior creative needing to build a positive creative mindset, or if you’re a manager looking for techniques to understand your team better.

How to Build Your Creative Resilience

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