How to Build Leadership Resilience

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Discover the resilience skills needed to succeed as a leader and help your team navigate difficult times.

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Define resilience in the context of leadership

Demands on leaders are rising, making resilience critical.

On this three-week course from Nottingham Trent University, you’ll develop strategies to thrive, not just survive, in challenging times.

You’ll examine what resilience means and its impact on effective leadership.

Learn how to maximise opportunity through leadership resilience

Whilst most resilience training focuses on adversity, resilience can also be a reaction or result of positive events.

You’ll learn how protective factors and resilient qualities can enable the pursuit of goals, helping you identify opportunities for personal and organisational development.

Develop coping strategies for managing stress and adversity

Leaders must balance organisational achievement and employee wellbeing and these demands often come at a personal cost.

You’ll identify common stressors in leadership contexts and learn practical strategies and tools including the Perceived Stress Scale to help manage responses to stress.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to increase your awareness of the neurological and biological impact of stress, and recognise stress indicators in yourself and others.

Model resilient behaviour using practical leadership strategies

Reflecting on your own experiences, you’ll identify resilient behaviours. Collaborating with fellow learners, you’ll explore different perspectives on resilience and develop good practices.

Equipped with a range of practical resources, you’ll end this course having increased your resilience skill set. You’ll have the tools and confidence to address challenging situations as an effective and adaptable leader.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for leaders or current and aspiring leaders who want to expand their knowledge of resilience in the context of effective leadership and management.

What software or tools do you need?

Internet connection and access to a standard search engine.

How to Build Leadership Resilience

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