How to Become a Business Executive

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Gain relevant, industry-applied business and leadership knowledge from world renowned global leaders.

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Discover the tools and techniques of effective executive leadership

On this two-week course from Ducere Global Business School, you’ll explore the traits of successful leaders, learning how to embed these skills into your own leadership behaviour.

Learn strategic leadership skills from the Ducere Global Leaders Faculty

Created in collaboration with a diverse range of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and organisational founders, you’ll examine techniques to develop a leadership style that delivers a competitive edge in business.

Learning from the Professor of Leadership Development at Harvard Business School, the founder of Atari, a Senior Diplomatic Correspondent, and many more, you’ll experience a broad range of expertise and insights into becoming a successful leader.

You’ll define effective leadership, reflecting on the skills you already possess, and identifying any personal development gaps.

Build a culture of innovation built on team empowerment

As a leader, it can be challenging to support your team to deliver success.

You’ll learn how to design an innovative culture, with an inclusive environment that generates ideas and drives results.

With the skills gained on this course, you’ll lead by example, making innovation part of your organisational vision.

Enhance your communication skills and boost your leadership development

Having explored the concept of leadership, you’ll then move on to honing the most important trait of a successful leader: communication.

You’ll learn how to communicate your business vision and strategic goals whilst listening to those around you, ensuring your team feels supported and empowered for success.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to identify the traits of successful leaders and demonstrate these skills in your personal leadership style, driving transformational change in your organisation.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for individuals who want to further their careers and excel as leaders in the competitive business market.

How to Become a Business Executive

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