Health Informatics for better and safer healthcare

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Learn when and how Informatics is used in different fields of healthcare, what the benefits are and the challenges that still lie ahead.

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Healthcare providers around the globe (e.g., doctors, nurses, physical or occupational therapists, etc.) are increasingly relying on health information technology, like electronic health records, for their daily routine tasks. Although using health information technology holds tremendous promises (like personalized and precision medicine to all) it can also result in unforeseen consequences leading to patients’ harm. To fulfill the promise of better and safer care through information technology, health providers need to learn about the design and capabilities of the existing system while technical experts (e.g., computer programmers) need to understand the complex healthcare needs and processes. This course aims to bridge the current gaps in health informatics education and introduce the major aspects of the field to novice and advanced clinical and technical audiences.  Health & Safety, Medicine, Computer Science
  • What kinds of careers are out there in Health Information Technology?
  • What are the core disciplines on which Health Information technology is built?
  • How does Clinical Decision Support work?
  • What is the Electronic Health Record comprised of, and how does it work?
  • What do we need Health Terminologies for?
  • How is Text and Data Mining used in Healthcare?
  • What type of Image Processing is used to make health imagery usable?
  • What happens when Health Information Systems have low usability?
  • How is patient’s safety warranted by Health Information Systems?
This massive open online course (MOOC) aims to provide a diverse and international audience of health practitioners, students, managers, administrators, technical experts (e.g., computer programmers or user interface architects) and researchers with a survey of current and emerging health information technology trends.

The entire course covers 4 weeks divided into 11 modules. Completion certificates are issued on the basis of participation in all 11 modules and submission of a final project. A weekly commitment is estimated to be about 3 hours of learning and engaging in course-related projects. The final grade for the course will be calculated based on the submission of the weekly quizzes (100% of the grade).

Health Informatics for better and safer healthcare

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